I went to Florida in August for two weeks.  We rented a condo on the beach and had a great time. 

Most days we spent at the beach in the water or hunting for sharks teeth. 

We found over 100 sharks teeth in two weeks time and a bunch of other fossils.
     We also went to Disney in Orlando for two days. 

The first day we went to the Magic Kingdom and on day two we went to Hollywood Studios.
The roller coasters were fun but the best part was taking a picture with Chewbacca!
     On the way home we had a big surprise.  We were about four hours from Narita when suddenly the plane turned around and landed in Alaska!! 

The captain told us that someone had gotten sick and so the plane landed in Anchorage so he could go to the hospital.  We all spent the night in Alaska and it was cold!  I was wearing short
sleeves for Florida and everyone in Alaska was wearing big coats and
boots.  Anyhow, we finally got home the next day.
     It is great to be back home in Fukuoka.